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" Visiting Dr Y was the best decision I ever made. You are the best in every way. I liked how you took time to answer all my questions and was there for me even after the surgery to ensure I was going okay. I was very nervous but you made me feel better and ensured me there was nothing to worry about, you are a very great doctor. Thank you to all your staff and I wish you lots of success. "

-This patient underwent cosmetic surgery of the chin and the jaw.

" It’s now been over a month since I underwent surgery; a mandible implant to be precise and my recovery has gone pretty well. The swelling and soreness went away in a few weeks and now I am back to my daily routine. I am really happy with the work you did for me. I can say this with so much confidence; Dr Y saved my life and boosted my confidence. You greatly improved the quality of my life and I can now mix with people without being too conscious. If you need plastic surgery in Boston, you cannot do better than Dr Y. "

" I feel so blessed to have you as my surgeon your peerless skill is matched by you kindness and compassion. I am more convinced that of all the plastic surgeons in Boston, you have devoted your entire life to caring to your patients and we are all better for it. You really are a genius. The combination of being an artist and a doctor is quite an impressive gift. Thank you so much. "

-This patient received revisional cosmetic surgery.

" I unfortunately have had a couple of surgeries by other plastic surgeons in Boston. You, Dr Y have however been a different experience for me. You have different tactics that other surgeons do not have. I had an eye problem and I always though the only solution I had was cheek implants. With your orbital rim implant you were however able to solve the problem that had been there almost my whole life perfectly. I have always been self-conscious about my looks but now I am more confident than ever. Your kindness to me and my family and your staff are the best I have been in contact with since I started seeking services from Boston plastic surgeons. "

-This patient received revisional cosmetic surgery.

" Words cannot explain how thankful I am. I choose to fly to Boston for these surgery though I had been referred to other surgeons in Boston I decided to try out Dr Y. You made me feel I was in great hands throughout the whole procedure and made all my worries do away. I want to thank you for your patience and your kindness that you showed me through the multiple long distance calls I made, the numerous letters and the follow up visits. You and your great team not only offer the best services but also made me feel very special. "

-This patient received facial implants.