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Revisional cosmetic surgery

Revisional cosmetic surgery is corrective surgery for a previous surgery that did not provide the proper results and sometimes actually made things much worse. This type of surgery requires a very specialized surgeon who has mastered the techniques these patients will require assistance with.Due to his many years of experience and profound success in this area, Dr. Y can confidently handle these cases with ease and precision and give these patients the outcome they deserve and were hoping for the first time. These patients are usually quite distraught or often traumatized by the failures and/or deformities that have occurred from the previous failed procedure(s), so the revisional process will require not only an expert clinical surgeon but also a surgeon who can instill confidence back into these patients and ensure them they will get the results they urgently desire. These patients require extra-special emotional support at this time as well, and Dr. Y is just the one who can do this. His passionate confidence in his own skills and capabilities, profound knowledge of the revisional techniques and skill requirements, and his exceptional bedside manner will definitely ease the patient’s anxiety. Dr. Y has been doing revisional surgeries for many years and is quite oftenthe one other surgeons refer their more-challenging patient cases tothat they cannot take on themselves. A small sample of some of the revisional surgeries Dr. Y can successfully perform include:

  • Retracted tragus

  • Joker smile

  • Surprised look

  • Sclera show

  • Crooked chin

  • Round eyes

Dr Y has a special interest in treating patients who are referred to him due to being displeased with previous cosmetic surgery results. Some of the complicationsDr. Y can successfully correct include:

  • Chin surgery- displeasing chin pad, chin contours and lip ptosis (sag) after a chin implant

  • Chin ptosis- this is a ‘witch’ or drooping chin

  • Malar (cheek) implant surgery- improperly contoured or positioned cheek implants

  • Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) - the round eye scleral show or ectropion after lower eyelid surgery

  • Rhinoplasty (nose job) - pinched look after surgery

  • Endoscopic or conventional brow lifts- unnaturally high brows

  • Face lift- the wind swept look after a facelift surgery

  • Post orthognathic surgery- these are unnatural contours after orthognathic surgery

Dr Y is a well-known and highly respected revisional cosmetic surgery specialist both on a national and international scale due toof course his rather substantial record of success in this field and also his eagerness to share his insight and experience through lecturing contributions on the topics mentioned above. In 2010 and 2011, he lectured at the Annual Oculoplastic Symposium in Atlanta, Chilean Society of Surgeons annual meeting and the Moscow contemporary approaches to rejuvenation of the face and body. In 2013 his concepts and techniques were presented in Australia and Russia, among other countries. Some of his more-substantive revisional surgery topics of discussion during his lecture series included:

  • Reversing brow lifts

  • Secondary malar implant surgery

  • Improving aesthetic outcomes after alloplastic chin augmentation

  • Peroirbital skeletal augmentation to improve blepharoplasty and midfacial results.

Dr Y’s expertise and success in caring for patients who have suffered facial deformities due to previously botched up cosmetic surgery have been reported in numerous internationally syndicated magazines and also featured on TV networks such as the E! Network.