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Pre operation guidelines

Boston Plastic Surgery providesthe following guidelines to all patients and insist they are followed.


First and most important, f you are a smoker you should stop smoking immediately. There should be at least 1 month prior to surgery spent as a non-smoker to ensure the appropriate health risks are avoided and the best possible outcome is obtained. Smoking greatly impairs your cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Arrange to have any pre-operative testing done as soon as possible and per the directions of our surgeons, so the results can be available 2 weeks prior to surgery. Also, do not smoke 2 weeks after surgery because this may interfere with the healing process and lead to post-operative complications. You may also be required to stop taking oral contraceptives. Tylenol is safe just to take before and after the operation if needed.

Two weeks before surgery

Discontinue medication containing aspirin, ibuprofen, blood thinners, vitamin Eand all herbal supplements. These medications are knownto cause prolonged bleeding. Red wine should also be avoided because it can causea tendency to bleed and can increase bruising. Also make sure you have a responsible adult to take you home on the day of surgery, and ensure you have someone with you on the first day after your operation. It is important you make arrangements because we cannot discharge you without an escort.

Three days before surgery

At this stage, if you are undergoing facial implant surgery, midface lift or breast augmentation you are advised to begin a chlorhexidine gluconate 0.12% oral rinse. You should rinse ½ ounce at leasttwice per day.

Two days before surgery

Call your Boston Plastic Surgery clinical surgeon to confirm your surgery. Ask the nurse to verify with you the pre-operative instructions and confirm your arrival time for the surgery. Ask the nurse if you should bring your daily prescribed medications. Ensure any post-operation medications prescribed by your plastic surgeon are filled by your pharmacist.

Be sure to have any necessary pre-operation blood tests or EKG testing sent to Boston Plastic Surgery as soon as possible. This will greatly help in case you might require more blood during the procedure.

On day of surgery

Bring all your medications with you so the nurses can verify and administer them if needed. You will also be required to fill your prescriptions and keep them at your bedside at home along with a note pad to help keep track of the medication you have taken. Have food in your stomach before you take your medications to minimize nausea. If you are prone to motion sickness or nausea,let your physician know this information.

Any valuables such as jewelry should be left at home. If you are having facial surgery, bring along a scarf and dark glasses. Do not wear any make up or finger nail polish or have any artificial nails or eye lashes on because they can interfere with the operation. For comfortability, wear low-heeled shoes and a t-shirt or shirt that buttons down in the front.

Please call if you have any questions. We are here to ensure your surgical experience is as comfortable and successful as possible.