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Paranasal Implants

Dr. Y is an expert when it comes to paranasal implants. These implants are usually used to make concave faces more convex. At Boston Plastic Surgery, Dr. Y and his staff most often use these implants as adjuncts to rhinoplasty or in combination with other facial implants. Results are significant, and his reputation, patient testimonials and extensive lecture series worldwide on this topic speak for itself.

At Boston Plastic Surgery, Dr. Y ensures that during the patient’s consultation the patient is lead to fully understand how the procedure is done and the outcome it is working toward. Paranasal implants permanently lift the area surrounding the nose with the aim of eliminating or rectifying creases and furrows that are caused by aging or other factors. This procedure makes the mouth and nose look much more vibrant, youthful and aesthetically pleasing.

Dr. Y mostly recommends this procedure to patients who have a gaunt or aged appearance due to sunken nose areas. This procedure is very effective in almost all cases and very affordable as well. Dr. Y always ensures success due to his exceptional expertise and skill and his use of the move innovative and effective modern equipment and most up-to-date scientific findings available.

The procedure is rather simple but still requires a strong level of skill and capability. The surgeon will apply a local anesthetic to the area and then creates a small incision inside the mouth. The implant is then inserted in the space next to the sunken area by the maxillary bone and specially designed to fill up the sunken area.

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