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Neurotoxins, fillers and fat implants

Dr Y is a highly trained, markedly reputable and well-established plastic surgeon located in Boston who possesses extensive expertise in the use of fat injections, fillers and neurotoxins. The latter have major roles in facial rejuvenation and facial contour enhancement. Whether used as alternatives or complements to surgical options, thesenon-surgical interventions greatly help refresh and rejuvenate a more youthful appearance. Dr. Y uses the blunt needle tip technique when using fillers, because this technique allows a greatly reduced recovery time. Patients at Boston Plastic Surgery can also be quite confident they will not suffer any swelling and/or bruising after these procedures.

Neurotoxins. These eliminate or reduce dynamic wrinkles poorly treated by surgery. Dynamic wrinkles include crow’s feet, forehead wrinkles and glabellar frown lines. The best option for these is Botox.

Fat injections. These injections may complement facelift surgery for specific patients. Those who have both skeletal and soft tissue deficiency can benefit from both implant augmentation of their facial skeleton as well as volume enhancement of their soft tissue envelope with the selective use of fat injections.

Fillers. These are very useful in treating fine lines and areas of soft tissue deflation, but success depends on their composition. Voluma is very effective for large-area volume augmentation like the cheek area. Beletreo’s unique formulation and ability to adapt within the skin make it especially useful for filling wrinkles and lip lines. Options for fillers are Juvederm, Restylane, Parlane, Radiesse and Belotero.