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Mandible implants

Dr. Y is a leading Boston plastic surgery professional who specializes in the procedure of jaw reconstruction with mandible implants. These Implants are used to strengthen the jawline and also to create a more balanced facial appearance by ensuring the mandibular angle, ramus and body are augmented. Dr. Y performs these procedures on patients with deficient, normal or surgically altered anatomy. His knowledge, skill and expertise in this procedure is profound, and you can count on attaining the accurate and successful results that you were hoping for. His reputation for having a flawless technique and high success rate far exceeds all expectations, and he is often called upon by other plastic surgeons from around the world for consults and advice on their more challenging mandible implants cases because they know he can provide them the appropriate solution that will be highly successful. Dr. Y is a predominant member of the plastic surgery worldwide and regularly travels the country and sometimes to other countries as well to lecture on this and many other plastic surgery techniques and procedures. Dr. Y also serves as a part-time professor of the Harvard Medical School and the chief of craniofacial surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital, and he takes great pride and intense interest in having the opportunity to share his in-depth amount of knowledge, skills and experience with other burgeoning clinical surgeons in his field.

Mandible implants for normal dimensions

At Boston Plastic Surgery, Dr. Yhas successfully performed countless mandible (jaw) implant procedures and is considered a highly respected and remarkably gifted clinical surgeon and notable instructor within his field. Dr. Y has consistently exceeded each and every patient’s expectations when conducting mandible implant procedures, produced phenomenal results and provided each patient the renewed sense of esteem they were longing for. Many patients come to Dr. Y for mandible implants because even though they have what are considered normal facial dimensions, they simply desire a more structured face and/or a stronger-looking jawline. Men in particular come to Dr. Y for this procedure more often than women, because this procedure enables themto achieve the wider jawline or lower face that tends to render men’s facial structures more masculine and aesthetically pleasing.

Mandible implants improve and/or enhance the lower-face horizontal dimensions. They allow the jawline to look stronger and more balanced by augmenting the mandibular body, angle and ramus. Dr. Y uses jaw implants to augment the anterior mandible back to the ramus as one way of achieving this.Patients in Boston and from around the world seek outDr. Y for this particular procedure, because his reputation is astonishing and patients just know they will achieve the best possible outcome they could possibly find.

Mandible implants for skeletal deficiency

Mandible implants are often the best option for rectifyingskeletaldeficienciesin people who have a condition known as Class II teeth. This condition occurs when the upper molars and teethprotrude out further than the lower molars and teeth and often creates a convex appearance in the facial profile with a receding chin and lower lip. For a majority of these patients—usually more than 80 percent—the deficiency can be corrected through growth modification to bring the upper teeth, lower teeth and jaws into alignment, which usually entails braces or other orthodontic procedures. The remaining 20 percent of patients with this condition often have a mandibular deficiency so severe that mandible (jaw)implant surgery is necessary.

This type of skeletal deficiency is among one of the top reasons patients seek out Dr. Y at Boston Plastic Surgery. His reputation for being able to successfully correct this conditionin countless patients is profound, and his eagerness to take on some of the more difficult cases shows that his confidence, dedication and expertise are undeniable. Dr. Y’s patients can rest assured they will end up with results that are much more satisfactory than they thought possible.

Mandible implants for surgically altered anatomy

Patients who have been previously treated for Class II dental malocclusion because of mandibulardeficiency are often candidates for mandible implants. The treatments previously used to correct their condition were often sagittal split osteotomy with the advancement of the distal segment, which unfortunately created a contour irregularity of the body osteotomy and distal segment advancement. This usually results in an aesthetically displeasing position of the ramus angle with insufficient height, insufficient width, or asymmetry. Mandible implants are often the best remedy for this condition, and Dr. Y’s extensive accreditation and certification along with his expert technique and experience will ensure great results every time.

According to Dr. Y, mandible implants, oftencombined with a chin implant, is the best solution to restore the patient’s facial contours to a more youthful and aesthetically pleasing equilibrium. At Boston Plastic Surgery, Dr. Y performs these proceduresquite often, and in fact patients and other surgeons with perplexing and rather difficult cases often come to him from all around the world because they know Dr. Y can offer the most innovative and efficacious solutionand successful outcome available. Dr. Y is a pioneer in his field and only uses the most modern and effective techniques and equipment possible to ensure the procedural outcome is always amazing and leaves his patients with a renewed sense of intense joy about their appearance.