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Lateral canthepexy

Dr Y is highly revered as the best cosmetic plastic surgeon in Boston and has equally earnedglobal reputation for being a pioneer and highly innovative expert in his field. Dr. Y has been referred many patients who suffered from previously failed procedures, and he was able to successfully restore the shape of their eyes with a lateral canthopexy (reposition of the lateral corner of their eyes).

One patient Dr. Y treated had undergone multiple canthopexies and skin graft procedures in effort to try and correct lower lid malposition after a previous blepharoplasty. The patient was very displeased with the appearance of her brow, the upper lid blepharoplasty and endoscopic brow lift.Previous failures at attempts to reposition the lower lid was in large part due to inadequate skeletal support provided by a retrusive midface skeleton. Dr. Y provided skeletal support with a rim implant, elevated the midface and repositioned the lateral canthus. This procedure was quite a miraculous accomplishment no other plastic surgeon in Boston had been able to accomplish this thus far.

Another patient came to Dr. Y due to being unhappy with an exaggerated downward tilt of her eye shape. She desired a more almond shape eye with an upward tilt. Accomplishing such a significant change in this situation is very difficult for most, but Dr. Y’s profound knowledge, innate capabilities, adept skill, and brilliant technique enabled him to perform a standard lateral canthopexy and finally provide this patient their desired outcome.

Other patients Dr. Y has been able to work with in rectifying difficult and discouraging surgical missteps include one woman who had Treacher Collins Syndrome – a rare congenital disorder characterized by craniofacial deformities. She underwent augmentation of her orbit with custom carved porous polyethylene implants and lateral canthopexy. Another patient underwent subperiosteal midface lift and lateral canthopexy after she had an unsuccessful lower lid blepharoplasty that had gone wrong.