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Infraorbital Rim Implants

Dr. Y designs his infraorbital rim implants to treat patients who may suffer from mid-face and prominent eyes abnormalities. Dr. Y states that the cheek tissues and ocular globes should align in a lateral view that shows the cheeks projecting beyond the eyes. This is evidenced by the development of facial bones under cheek tissues and is known as positive vector. But when the facial bones and the center are not totally matured, the eyes will look prominent such that on a lateral view the eyes will be projecting beyond the cheek. This is famously known as negative vector; patients with this kind of projection will have less support for their cheeks and lower eyelids. With age, gravity will cause the cheeks and lower lids to descend prematurely compared to patients who have a more prominent mid-facial skeletal makeup. .

Dr. Y is extremely talented and seasoned in constructing and administering infraorbital rim implants, with many years of acquiring the necessary knowledge, skills and practical wisdom to ensure the best possible outcome is achieved consistently among all his patients or also with consulting surgeon’s patients. Many plastic surgery professionals turn to him for consult and guidance. Dr. Y is always eager to share his knowledge and expertise and help educate others on how to attain highly successful results. For more information, please schedule a consult with Dr. Y for a personalized examination and proposed treatment plan that will be unique to your own personal needs and desires.

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The eye is a very unique, complex and delicate organ of the body. The shape of the eye is determined by many factors, including the amount of fat and tissues of the eyelid skin. According to Dr. Y, the most undesired aesthetic look of the eyes occurs when the eyes have a deep depression underneath them. This is commonly known as lower eyelid hollows and mostly occurs when there is lower eyelid skin under the lash line and lower lid margin or the lower eyelid skin indents beneath the lash line and lower lid margin. This has a negative effect of creating a shadowing effect that gives a tired or aging appearance. Dr. Y is able to easily and effectively rectify this condition and create a more youthful look. Please visit Boston Plastic Surgery for a consultation and learn what Dr. Y can do for you and also see patients who had their operations done successfully by Dr. Y. Because of the delicate nature around the eyes, it is pertinent the procedure be done by a highly accredited and experienced plastic surgeon that can ensure a positive outcome free from any danger of complications that could unnecessarily occur due to ignorance and lack of experience.