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Facial Implants

Dr. Y has over the years perfected his skill and high rate of success in conducting facial implant surgery. He is by far one of the best clinical surgeons in Boston and throughout the world with regard to conducting this procedure. Dr. Y employs a vast amount of knowledge, skills and expertise to create facial skeletal contours that are truly remarkable and that consistently produce outstanding results and extremely satisfied customers.

Some of the different facial implant procedures Dr. Y has successfully performed include:

  • Malar or cheek implants

  • Infraorbital rim

  • Paranasal implants

  • Chin implants

  • Posterior mandible

  • Custom designed implants

Dr. Y has become one of the most sought-after plastic surgeons in the world today due to his reputation being built on years and years of taking on some of the more challenging cases and successfully developing a workable solution that leaves each and very patient completely satisfied with their results. He is an expert on assessing the needs of each individual patient to ensure the outcome creates a more youthful look and one that gives the patient a renewed sense of esteem and more positive outlook about their appearance.

Some cases Dr. Y has taken on with regard to of facial implants include one particular patient who required three different implant procedures due to the severity of their condition. That patient was in need of some significant facial structure changes, and so Dr. Y determined that the best plan of action would include an infraorbital rim, a paranasal for the bones lateral to the nose and malar, and mandibular body augmentation. All three procedures were extremely successful, and the patient was quite pleased with the final outcome.

Some reasons a patient may opt for facial implants include the following:

  • When a patient has a weak and receding chin, a facial implant will make the chin more pronounced and also improve the jawline.

  • When a patient wants to improve the fullness of their cheeks and create a more youthful appearance.

  • When a patient is hoping to rejuvenate the contour and symmetrical proportion of their facial structures.

  • When a patient may require need implants to repair the symmetry that has become distorted due to accidents or congenital conditions.

Some of the benefits associated with facial implants include being able to correct facial symmetry, being able to align the patient’s features to an almost perfect symmetry and create a more youthful-looking appearance. Facial implants do not require procedures on other body parts, such as grafting, and are not all that invasive. Therefore, these procedures are faster and easier to perform and the healing or downtime is minimal compared to other plastic surgery procedures. The only disadvantages Dr. Y would like to point out are those that may occur due to improper facial rejuvenation plans made by less-experienced surgeons who just do not have the appropriate education, knowledge, skills and understanding of the science behind family reconstruction using implants. If not done properly, a patient could potentially experience infections, contour abnormalities and damage to facial nerves, so t is, therefore, highly advisable and pertinent a patient be sure to do their homework and choose a plastic surgeon who is his highly qualified, fully documented as possessing the appropriate training and certifications and has an extensive history of successful procedures that exemplify a proven successful track record. Sometimes considering a couple consults with a couple different surgeons may help a patient to understand the requirements and find a suitable surgeon that can bring them the successful results they desire. Dr. Y is one of the best plastic surgeons in the world today, and he would be glad to offer a consult and answer any and all questions in this regard.

Facial implant procedures explained

A facial implant procedure begins by the surgeon mapping out the intended surgical procedure by placing markings on the face; this is very helpful for understanding where the facial implants should be placed and consider what other factors may need addressed and to attain the best possible result. This step in the procedure also helps the surgeon distinguish the underlying structures and tissues that should be considered, attended to or sometimes avoided in that area. Next, the patient is provided a local anesthesia to numb the area. The surgeon will then make a small incision near the implant location and create a pocket on the facial tissue to allow insertion of the implant. The facial implant is then inserted using a sterilized clamp, and the incision is closed. Although the procedure appears a relatively simple process, it still requires a strong knowledge of the art and science behind facial reconstruction, of which you can definitively count on at Boston Plastic Surgery with Dr. Y.

Choosing a good facial implant surgeon

As earlier stated, it is extremely important to choose a highly qualified and extensively experienced plastic surgeon for facial implants because of the anatomically complex nature of this type of procedure. With his diverse and particularly lengthy experience and success in facial implant procedures, you can rest assured the results Dr. Y creates will be astonishing and often better than expected. Always make sure to choose a surgeon you can trust and that has extensive knowledge, experience and of course most important the requisite education, certifications and reputation and easily available testimonials or proof of previous patient success stories for the procedure you are considering.