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Dr. Y is a seasoned expert when it comes to performing facelifts (rhytidectomy). His patient satisfaction level is outstanding, and his reputation is superior. A facelifit is a procedure where the skin is literally lifted off the face and the muscle and tissue underneath is tightened, and then the skin is tightened and repositioned to appear much more smoothly. The procedure greatly corrects age-related wrinkles and sagging and can reconstruct areas around the jowls, neck and cheeks. Dr. Y performs all his procedures with only the highest levels of safety, technique and professionalism at all times to ensure each patient that the outcome is just as they hoped. Dr. Y’s results are consistently thorough and will certainly change your life.

Dr. Y’s facelift technique and procedure creates a younger more natural-looking result. No one will ever even know you had plastic surgery, unless you tell them. The surgery is usually performed in a deeper plane, which will result in full-thickness skin and a subcutaneous tissue flap, which is then re-draped and vertically elevated over the well-repositioned SMAS layer. This is done to avoid the effect of pulling back too severely only the top layers of soft tissue.

Dr. Y is often consulted by other plastic surgeons in the Boston area due to his profound knowledge and expertise with this procedure. They also often refer their more-complicated surgery challenges to Dr. Y, because he can usually find a way to create a workable and successful solution. Dr. Y is among the few surgeons capable of performing subperiosteal midface lifts, a procedure that requires extensive experience and expert technique. This is a challenging procedure but when done correctly allows the soft tissue remodeling and re-positioning of the soft tissues at the level of their bony origins. This procedure is becoming more popular for those wanting a facelift done on just the upper two-thirds of the face.

If interested in reading further about Dr. Y’s different views on facial surgery and the science behind facelifts, please read about it in his publications also posted on our website.