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International Distinctions

Dr. Y is a world-renowned plastic surgeon with distinctions in both his practice as a premier clinical surgeon as well as his service as a professor and instructor at two major medical institutions in the United States. Dr. Y has worked and lectured in various countries all around the world and has received extensive recognition and honors for his extensive history of successful plastic surgeries and lectures on topics of interest in his field. He has been invited to lecture as a visiting professor to several countries, such as France, the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Japan, Korea, China, Australia, South Africa, Taiwan and Russia.

In 2015, Dr. Y demonstrated his facelift and facial implant surgery techniques at the Facial Aesthetic/Oculoplastic Surgery and Rhinoplasty Course in Coventry, England.

In 2013, Dr. Y conducted lectures in Brazil, Australia and Russia about his techniques for performing facelifts, blepharoplasty (eye lift), rhinoplasty and implant surgery and was honored with the title of Borckaban lecturer by Turkey’s premier plastic surgery organization.

In 2012, Dr. Y worked as a visiting professor in 10 major U.S. medical centers and has been formally recognized by numerous organizations and facilities in his field located around the Boston area.

Dr. Y has authored 4 textbooks, 40 book chapters and more than 100 scientific articles on plastic surgery topics of interest. His Atlas of Facial Implants was awarded an Association of Medical Illustrators 2007 Award for surgical atlases. His most recent publication was writing the foreward for his friend and colleague’s new book, Chasing Beauty, which offers his thoughts on how to know if plastic surgery is the right decision for you and how to arrive at a successful outcome.

Dr. Y Has Authored Countless Publications on Various Topics of Interest in the Field of Plastic Surgery


Dr. Y is a professor of surgery with many surgeons in Boston having gone through him. His prowess and knowledge has really been beneficial to all that has had an encounter with him. With most times being spent in his plastic surgery facility in Bostin, he also has some time to attend to part-time lectures. He heads several plastic surgery programs and is also consulted by different hospitals whenever his help is needed. More from his surgery and lecturing activities Dr. Y is also known to be an innovator and teacher who puts emphasis on the use of modern and state-of-the-art equipment, techniques and knowledge to care for his patients and to make sure that all the different plastic surgery procedures in Boston are successful and done in the best way.

Dr. Y received his Master’s degree in surgery and was among the top students in his class. He was one of the best students during his time in university. He was always very innovative and wanted to offer solutions even in the most complicated of situations. This made him to be liked by the already practicing surgeons and that’s how he got all the knowledge and experience. He got guidance from the already experienced surgeons. This made him one of the best plastic surgeons you will find in Boston.

Dr. Y’s knowledge and expertise as a plastic surgeon is appreciated and recognizedboth locally and internationally. Patients travel from across the globe to come get services by him.

Dr.Y has travelled across the world in different universities. He gets invitations from all over to share his knowledge.