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CT designed Facial Implants

Dr. Y’s exceptional knowledge, infinite wisdom, superior skills and immense experience have enabled him to develop the capability to create his own custom-made facial implants usingboth aesthetic and reconstructive indications. Keeping in mind the fact that everyone’s body is different and undeniably unique, these custom-made facial implants are ingenious because they can be exclusivelydesigned to fit that particular patient’s own distinct requirements, thereby rendering the most remarkable results. When undergoing this procedure with Dr. Y, rest assured the process and procedure itself will be top-notch, professional and exceptional in every way. Dr. Y provides each patient a comprehensive examination,a thorough consultation in which he shares his knowledge and estimation in a way that is easily understandable, and he will also spend that time ensuring he is fully incorporating the patient’s exact expectations in order to devise the best customized procedural plan and implant constructionpossible. Dr. Y’s expertise as a clinical surgeon coupled with his extensive service as a professor and lecturer in the field of plastic surgery ensure each patient they will feel respected, educated on their procedure and most important confident in knowing they are absolutely getting exactly what they were hoping to achieve. The results of Dr. Y’s custom-made facial implants are amazing, and his patient testimonials and his own extensive amount of published literature on the subject ensure each patientthey are in the hands of one of the most highly accomplished and world-renowned plastic surgeons available.

How the procedure is done

At Boston Plastic Surgery, Dr. Y provides custom-made facial implantsthat are a unique and highly sustainableoption for patients with asymmetrical irregularities in their facial structure, especially in the chin and jaw area. These custom facial implants are designed by Dr. Y specifically and are an excellent option for patients with significant asymmetry or for those who have had orthographic surgery that left noticeable contour irregularities. Dr. Y begins each procedure with a full patient consultation that includes a 3D CT scan of the area where the implant will be placed. These 3D CT scan images can be developed the day of the consult and provide Dr. Y the necessary specifications and detail of the underlying skeletal anatomy required to create the most precise and exact custom-designed implant unique to that particular patient’s body design. The patient will then receive the opportunity to see what the end result will look like with the use of a 3D model.

Dr. Y is a highly reputable plastic surgeon in the Boston area and has been offering lectures and instruction on this and many other plastic surgery techniques and procedures for many years. He is truly an expert in his field when it comes to revisional plastic surgery.Dr. Y’s custom-made implants are the result of his many years of intense dedication to advancing and transforming his profound knowledge, expert skill and well-trained and perfected technique into a highly successful custom-designed surgical solution that transforms people’s lives and restores not only their natural and youthful physical appearance but also helps them regain their sense of pride and passion for life. At Boston Plastic Surgery, Dr. Y and his staff guarantee amazing results.Patients can relax in knowing they are in the hands of one of the best plastic surgeons in the Boston area—a surgeon with a substantial reputation across the globe due to his exceptional dedication to consistently working hard to deliver each and every patient the best possible outcome.