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Chin implants, also referred to as chin augmentation, is a surgical procedure often used to reshape or enhance the size of the chin. At Boston Plastic Surgery, Dr. Y performs these procedures on a regular basis and is an exceptionally well trained and highly accredited plastic surgeon with a remarkable track record of successful chin implant surgeries. IN fact, other plastic surgeons in the area and sometimes from around the world come to Dr. Y for consult and guidance on some of their more-challenging implant procedures to ensure they are providing their patients the best possible outcome available.

Chin augmentation can be done by either inserting an implant or removing or reshaping the bone structure and is often combined with other procedures such as a rhinoplasty (nose job) for the most effective results. Chin implants are very advantageous for people who have weak or receding chins (microgenia) but with a normal bite. Other options include using fillers or the patient’s own tissue or bone to reconstruct the chin area instead of an implant when possible. The procedure is normally done on an outpatient basis and takes anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours, and if all goes well the patient is then released to go home with specific instructions to ensure proper care and healing takes place.

The adequacy of chin projection varies according to gender, the thickness of the chin pad, depth of the labiomental fold and the effect of occlusion on the lower lip position. If either of the listed variables are not considered, the implant may result in a chin that appears unnatural and too large, especially in women. Dr Y has reported that men have more prominent chins than women. Only at 1SD does the chin point meet the perpendicular (dashed line) dropped from the forehead. Such measurements show the differences between women’s and men’s faces and are helpful in explaining why implants that are too large may be interpreted as unnatural and may masculinize a woman’s face. This anthropometric measurement should, however, not be taken as the absolute guidelines for chin surgery. Every patient case is unique, and greater or lesser chin projection may be appropriate depending on that patient in order to create the best possible outcome. For example, a patient with a long face may require her chin being shortened and also augmented with an implant, but even better if done along with a rhinoplasty (nose job), the patient would be guaranteed a much better outcome.

Chin implant surgeries have long been touted as simple operations that reliably give good results. However, Dr. Y warns that the aesthetic result can often be less than ideal if the appropriate technique is not used. Results can unfortunately be compromised by preoperative analysis, surgical technique, implant design and the host response to the implant material. The most important factor to consider when wanting to have a chin implant is finding a good plastic surgeon who has the appropriate credentials, knowledge, technique and reputation. There are so many plastic surgeons out there nowadays who just do not have enough training and sometimes even lie about their credentials, so it is highly recommended you do your homework when choosing a surgeon for this procedure. Dr. Y of Boston Plastic Surgery is a world-renowned plastic surgeon who has completed countless plastic surgeries, including chin implants, successfully and with tremendous results each and every time. Dr. Y is also a part-time professor of the Harvard Medical School and the chief of craniofacial surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital, and he eagerly shares his knowledge, skills and expertise with medical students around the globe through hands-on clinical instruction and via his lecture series.